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Bus driver carrying middle school students arrested for DUI

Police in Maryland have arrested a charter bus driver on suspicion of drunk driving. The arrest was made by the Maryland State Police after school chaperones noticed that the man appeared inebriated. Maryland State Troopers arrived not long after the chaperones called 911. The bus driver had been driving a busload of middle school students at the time.

According to Bennett Middle School, where the students were from, the students and chaperones were on a field trip at the time of the incident. While they were returning in the charter bus, state police stopped the passenger vehicle and arrested its driver.

Understanding the Maryland Sex Offender Registry

According to Maryland law, sex offenders must register with local or state authorities if they are going to attend school, work or live in Maryland. This must happen when they are released from incarceration. Every year after that, they must register again. In addition, if they move, they must register again.

There are four categories of classification of sex offenders in Maryland on the Sex Offender Registry. These are:

Drug kingpin charges in Maryland

Have you been accused of being a drug kingpin? The moniker might sound a little strange, but the charge is actually very serious. In the state of Maryland, people who have been accused of drug distribution or drug trafficking could be subjected to heightened punishments if the court rules that they are "kingpins."

According to Maryland law, a drug kingpin is defined as someone who: 1) is part of a conspiracy to distribute, manufacture, bring into, dispense or transport drugs into our state; and, 2) is proved to be an organizer, financier, supervisor or manager in that conspiracy.

How long will I lose my driver's license for a DWI?

When you're facing a charge for diving under the influence, you may wonder how long you will lose your driving privileges. In Maryland, if you refuse to take a blood, breath or urine test to determine your blood alcohol concentration, then your license will be suspended for 120-days for the first offense.

If you took the test and were found to have a blood alcohol concentration of .08 to .14, then your license will be suspended for 45 days for the first offense. If you took the test and were found to have a blood alcohol concentration of .15 or more, your license will be suspended for 90 days for the first offense.

The different types of drug charges in Maryland

There are several different types of drug charges in Maryland. Some are more based on the type of drug involved; with others, it is based on how much of a drug a defendant has on him or her. Finally, there are some charges that are due to what the intended use of the drug was for.

Here are some of the drug charges that people may be charged with in Maryland:

Is a Maryland protective order enforceable in another state?

If you have had a protective order issued against you, it is important to know what you can and cannot do according to that order. Furthermore, you need to know where the order is enforceable. For example, some people have questions about whether a Maryland protective order is enforceable in, say, Florida. This question is understandable, considering that different states have different laws that apply to protective orders.

The fact is, when it comes to protective orders, every state is bound by federal law to honor the protective orders of other states. Furthermore, when enforcing the terms of the protective order -- and the consequences for violating the order -- each state must honor fellow states' protective orders in "full faith and credit." What this means is that violations of the protective order will be punished according to the laws of the state in which the order was issued.

Maryland couple accused of murdering teenage boy

A teenager from Middle River was found dead in Baltimore County along Interstate 95. His skull was crushed and he had been asphyxiated with a piece of rope or wire. Police allege that the young man was murdered by an older couple who shared drugs with him.

The teenager's body was found in the White Marsh area on Oct. 27. Later, police arrested a 48-year-old man and a 61-year-old woman in connection with his death. According to the young man's father, he dropped his son off at the couple's trailer for lunch on Oct. 25, which is the last time the teenager was seen. Friends said that the 18-year-old used and sold drugs, and he relied on others for transportation.

What is the Ignition Interlock Program?

An ignition interlock is a device that is installed on your vehicle and requires that you blow into the device before driving. It measures the blood alcohol concentration on your breath to determine if you have been drinking.

For those convicted of their first offense of driving while intoxicated in Maryland and their blood alcohol concentration was .15 or higher, an ignition interlock is required for one year as a part of sentencing. The court, however, has the option of ordering the defendant to only operate vehicles that have an ignition interlock for one to three years.

The problem of false domestic violence complaints

Domestic violence happens every day in Maryland, and the negative effects it has on families and individuals is devastating. For this reason, there are strict laws that exist to protect individuals from being subjected to this kind of abuse. Those laws, however, can also be abused -- particularly when someone is falsely accused of committing domestic violence.

A false complaint of domestic violence will result in stiff consequences for the accused person in Maryland. You might be ordered to leave your home -- either permanently or temporarily. You might be forced to complete counseling or an anger management course. You might receive a bad notation on your criminal record that affects your ability to maintain custody of your children and/or visitation rights.

Man facing 26 sex crime-related charges

A 57-year-old man arrested in Baltimore, Maryland, is facing 26 charges in Annapolis, Maryland, related sex crimes involving a 12- and 10-year-old girls. According to police, the crimes were discovered after detectives were looking at surveillance video from the laundromat where the man worked. The detectives were investigating a missing person case that led them to the business.

The court documents state that the man raped the 12-year-old and sexually assaulted the 10-year-old. The latter has cerebral palsy. The 12-year-old reportedly told police that the man had sexually abused her many times -- even when her mother was in the facility doing laundry. The 10-year-old's disability keeps the child from communicating.